Fast Intentions Incorporated will honor it’s “limited” 3-year warranty on all welds and craftsmanship as long as all downpipes / racepipes “aka” test pipe’s / resonated test pipes / high flow cats / resonated high flow cats / and headers are bolted up to: 1) the OEM or 2) the Fast Intentions, Inc. CBE. In the event that the weld breaks while bolted to any other cat-back exhaust system and/or any other exhaust component and it is not one of the two listed above, the weld warranty is voided. In the event that any component purchased from Fast Intentions, Inc. is damaged due to bottoming out on the ground, the weld warranty is voided. This same rule applies for all of our cat-back exhaust systems. Fast Intentions Inc. offers a 3-year warranty, “internal packing material” of our mufflers, tips and resonators. Fast Intentions Inc. offers a 1-year warranty, “internal packing material” of all Vibrant Performance resonators that are used as components in our exhaust systems. Fast Intentions Inc. does not offer any warranty of Magnaflow components used in our exhausts systems. Magnaflow may carry a separate warranty that requires the customer to fill out and send in a warranty card that we provide with the shipment of the exhaust system.

Fast Intentions Incorporated does not offer a warranty on any catalytic converter substrate, (catalytic converter cores) as Fast Intentions Incorporated cannot control the configuration or modification of the vehicle that the components are installed on, as well as how the vehicle is used. aftermarket parts, including exhaust related parts, can and will change the air/fuel mixtures and those changes can result in failure over time of said components. this failure is beyond the control of Fast Intentions Incorporated.

All custom, one-off exhaust systems sales are final. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Products are returnable if they are in “brand new’ condition: never installed / modified / used / or run on a vehicle at any point in time. If any of these have occurred, the product cannot be returned. In order for products to be returnable, they need to be in their original packaging. The customer has 30 days to file a return from the date that the original shipping label was created. All filed returns need to be submitted in writing to Fast Intentions Inc. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee and the customer is to cover all shipping charges of the product(s) returning to Fast Intentions Inc. The original shipping charges that the customer incurred from Fast Intentions Inc. are non-refundable. All refunds on returned products will be given within 30 days after receipt and inspection of products being returned to Fast Intentions Inc. Upon inspection, if Fast Intentions Inc. determines the product has been installed / modified / used / run on a vehicle at any point in time / has physical damage to it / or wear and tear, we reserve the right to deny a refund for any and all products. Upon approval of a return, Fast Intentions Inc. will refund the original purchase amount of the product(s) minus the 25% restocking fee, in the form of a company check and that check will be mailed to the original customer via U.S.P.S…

Fast Intentions Inc. only guarantees product(s) fitment if:

  • Products are installed by a Fast Intentions Inc. certified installer.
  • Vehicle is also utilizing stock/OEM exhaust manifolds / catalytic converters / downpipes / and/or cat back exhaust system.
  • Any other aftermarket components approved by Fast Intentions Inc. for the specific fitment and combination of the application. All approval of other aftermarket components will need to be in writing from Fast Intentions Inc.

Warranty claims must be submitted in writing to Fast Intentions Inc. in the following format:

  • Submit by email to:
  • Include original invoice number
  • Include detailed pictures of the damage

Upon reviewing the submitted warranty claim your Fast Intentions Inc. representative may ask for additional information to be submitted in order to move your claim along expeditiously. Fast Intentions Inc. will handle each warranty on a case-by-case basis. All warranties are non-transferable to third party or secondhand buyers. If Fast Intentions Inc. deems the damage is due to manufacturer defect and not customer negligence through the email and pictures submitted, the following will occur:

  • Fast Intentions Inc. will require the customer to ship the damaged product(s) back to our location. Upon inspection we will either repair or replace the damaged part and ship it back to the customer at no additional cost.

*** NOTE: If the customer attempts to repair the damaged product(s) on their own, the warranty will be voided from Fast Intentions Inc. Fast Intentions Inc. will not be held liable for any/all labor cost incurred to the customer for removal and/or re-installation of damaged products. ***

All terms above are non-negotiable. Aftermarket catalytic converters, downpipes, racepipes, testpipes, long tube headers, turbo systems and fuel systems, are deemed FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. No guarantee as to emissions compliance has or will be made, in any way, shape or form. Purchase and/or installation of these items from Fast Intentions Inc. is done at the customers own discretion and free will. The customer assumes all liability for their own actions with all products purchased and/or installed from Fast Intentions, Inc.

All disputes are to be handled by Fast Intentions Inc. directly and if needed, by mediation only where both parties are responsible for their own costs, solely.

The above conditions are agreed upon by the customer if any of the following has occurred:

  • Payment for components, systems, or service has been made.
  • A signature on an invoice or other release is made or given by the customer, or authorized agent for and on the behalf of the customer.
  • Any written or verbal notification has been given to the customer.
  • Represented conditions on: website constitutes the buyers / customers notification, consent and acceptance and understanding of the terms above, as a customer’s likely referral will come from the above-mentioned website.